KAPUSO Digital Influencers’ Christmas Party


The OPPO F5 Introduces a New Generation of Selfies

OPPO just set another groundbreaking technology during the official unveiling of the F5 today, the A.I. Beauty Recognition, a technology designed to personalize beautification based on personal facial traits of a subject, giving a customized selfie that is unique to every person.

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Solo Para Adultos Photo Gallery

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Tabi Po, a graphic novel – and a TV masterpiece

Growing up, we were told countless tales about this infamous miscreation in Philippine folklore known as aswang. Always depicted as a flesh eating and ruthless creature hunting for its prey, is that what they really are – mindless killing ghouls? Continue reading

Miss WORLD-PH Winners sign movie contract with Regal

Regal Entertainment has a growing list of Millennial Babies. Film production is in full blast as well, giving those much-needed breaks to film acting newbies. Continue reading

BlueWater Day Spa gives a peek into the “slashie” life

NO MATTER how busy life gets and the many different responsibilities that we all have to juggle, one must never forget to take care of his/her body and wellbeing. Continue reading

Solo Para Adultos (For Adults Only) First Sex-Comedy Stage Play in Music Museum This October 20

One of the new theater groups in the country called Red Lantern Production is staging an original Filipino three-act sex-comedy play titled ‘Solo Para Adultos’ (For Adults Only in English) or ‘SPA’ on October 20, 8pm at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan City. Continue reading