TIKIM Filipino Food Fun Run’s Celebrity Runners Reveal their Training Tips and Food Cravings

PHOTO 1_TIKIM poster

This Mother’s Day, TFC Live brings you two essentials: food and fun combined in a one-of-a-kind 5K run or walk that celebrates culture and the value of giving back in the inaugural TIKIM Filipino Food Fun Run. Aside from the delectable delights awaiting runners at each kilometer mark, participants will be joined by Filipino celebrities, who are runners themselves. Joining the hundreds of runners at the starting line are actress/singer/host Kim Chiu, actor/model Jake Cuenca,actor/singer Inigo Pascual, and Star Patrol Anchor Gretchen Fullido.

 All four celebrities are joining TIKIM to support TFC and because the run will benefit many children via the feeding program ofABS-CBN Foundation International’s Bantay Bata (Child Watch). “I’m really excited to spend time with our fellowmen, and because I’m running for something bigger than myself,” Fullido shares. Cuenca adds that “Aside from getting a good workout, we also get to help the children. You get to have fun while doing something good.”

 Pascual looks forward to having his mother with him on this trip. “I’m going to force my mom to do it (TIKIM Run) so that can be her exercise too. The cool thing about this is we get to eat at every kilometer, so in a way, Mommy and I get to bond together on Mother’s Day.”  Chiu happily discloses that aside from the joy she feels when she is around kababayans (fellow Filipinos), she is curious about TIKIM and would like to experience the run that combines food, fun, and giving. “Tikim-tikim habang tumatakbo every kilometer so I think it’s going to be fun.” (You get tiny tastes of various Filipino food as you hit every kilometer…)

 How TIKIM’s Celebrity Runners Prepare for a Run

PHOTO 2_Kim Chiu running

 According to Chiu, “I sleep early because my body needs to be conditioned on race day.” She also loads up on carbs the day before, “para hindi ka mahimatay and sugar is also important para hindi ka mahimatay pag mainit yung run.” (… that way, you don’t faint, and sugar is also important so you don’t faint if it’s hot during the run.)

PHOTO 5_Jake Cuenca running

 Cuenca says that “Everyone who follows me on Instagram knows that running is really my hobby so whether that’s a 5k or 21k or even 42k I’ll always enjoy a good run.” Since all the races he has joined were held in the Philippines, he looks forward to running in the U.S.

PHOTO 4_Gretchen Fullido running

 Fullido makes sure she is prepared physically and mentally. She shares that “I never towed the starting line unprepared because I know it can be painful if I don’t put in the necessary mileage. I also make sure that I get the proper nutrition ahead of the race so I can perform my best.”

PHOTO 3_Inigo Pascual running

 Pascual already runs constantly with his father, Filipino film and TV actor Piolo Pascual, but the younger Pascual says that he will“run more and I’m going to prepare my taste buds for the food that they have prepared for us.”

 What the Celebrity Runners are Craving, Hoping to Taste at TIKIM

 The fact that TIKIM combines Filipino food with a fun run has a lot of the participants looking forward to the tasting stations at every kilometer mark, and to the food festival that awaits all at the end of the trail.

 TIKIM’s celebrity runners have their own hankering for Filipino eats and treats and they share their cuisine obsessions here. Fullidohas so many favorite Filipino dishes, but her top three all-time favorites are lumpiang shanghai, kaldereta and crispy pata“I hope they serve these so I can feast on my favorites while running in TIKIM,” Fullido adds.

 For Pascualtapsilog and kinilaw are among his favorites.  Tapsilog is when one combines tapa (beef strips), garlic-fried rice (sinangag), and fried egg (itlog) into one meal, usually served as breakfast fare.  Kinilaw (literally “eaten raw”) is a raw seafood dish like ceviche.

 Both Chiu and Cuenca are looking forward to kakaninKakanin refers to various Filipino delicacies that are usually made of glutinous rice, cooked slowly, and blended with coconut milk. Chiu enthuses that “kuchinta, palitaw, pichi pichi yan mga favorite ko!” Cuenca is now a pesco-vegetarian and can no longer enjoy his once-upon-a-time meat-based favorites. He reveals that “when i was still eating meat, my favorites were sinigang and sisig, but now that i am vegetarian i don’t get to eat that but on that day, I’ll eat fish.”

 Enjoy a unique Mother’s Day celebration and come by to check out TFC Live presents TIKIM Filipino Food Fun Run on Sunday, May 13, at the Coyote Point Recreation Area, 1701 Coyote Point Drive in San Mateo. The run starts at 8:00 A.M. and the food festival opens at 10:00 A.M.

 Aside from food trucks and vendor booths, the food festival will have entertainment, and other fun activities for the whole family. Participants can check out the various food offerings and activities from TIKIM vendors and sponsors like  Guerrero Law Firm,Financial Rescue LLCXOOMThe Law Offices of John C. YeSouthWest Sun SolarLBCRia Financial, Saladmaster, Mango Tours,Abby Skin Care, Le Paris Artisan & Gourmet Cafe, Seafood City’s Grill City and Crispy Town, Tastebuds, Pampanga’s Cuisine,Sunflower BakerySweet Dreams, Kadoks, Isla Restaurant, and Sun Tropics.

 Other supporters include Tobacco Free California, Belo Medical Group, Consumer Protection Legal Center, Solar Earth USA,NutriAsiaHeavenly Ice Cream, Pampanga’s Bakery & Restaurant, Ma Sarap Food TruckDa Pokeman Food TruckOngPin RestaurantNick’s Kitchen, Irma’s Pampanga Restaurant, and Crumbwich Silvanas.

 Presentors for TIKIM are County of San Mateo “Child Support ServicesSeafood CityRemitly, and  Philippine Airlines.



Marites AllenUnlock opportunities and embrace good luck with the one-stop daily guide available in the new Marites Allen Feng Shui App by ABS-CBN Publishing (API).

The pioneering app features daily forecast and opportunities fitting for each user based on geomancy (feng shui), known for its use of energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. It is developed by Philippine-based digital solutions company Synergy88 Digital in its first ever partnership with API and feng shui master Marites Allen.

According to API’s print publishing and digital operations head Mark Yambot, the new app brings Marites’ insights to readers around the world. He said, “In the Philippines, the name Marites Allen is synonymous with Feng Shui. Thus we were honored when she chose ABS-CBN Publishing as her publisher and distributor for 2018, making her popular books available to readers nationwide. With the Feng Shui 2018 App, mobile users all over the world will now be able to access Marites Allen’s extensive and highly valued insights.”

The free app also includes a list of suitable and unsuitable activities to consider to boost users’ chances of success, and also to caution them on the possibility of unfortunate occurrences.

Meanwhile, premium users get access to the entire lunar calendar for planning and matching important activities and decisions with auspicious dates.

Marites is a Geomancer and the first Filipino to receive the prestigious “Master in Feng Shui” recognition from the International Feng Shui Association. She is also the only Filipino member of the Feng Shui Societies of London, Singapore and the World of Feng-Shui Malaysia. Her passion for the art drives her to guide others to have better luck and better lives.

The app was formally launched at Marco Polo Ortigas last Wednesday attended by Synergy88 Digital’s managing director Jackie Chua and celebrities such as Phoemela Baranda and the host of soon-to-be-launched Metro Channel show “Tim’s Table,” Tim Yap.

The Feng Shui app is part of the digital initiatives of ABS-CBN, which is rapidly transitioning into an agile digital company with the biggest online presence among Filipino media companies, and a growing list of digital properties.

Download the Marites Allen Feng Shui App to boost your chances of success via Google Play for Android users and App Store on iOS. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visitwww.abscbnpr.com.

Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake open up about their first team up in the film So Connected


Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake agree in saying that their team-up in the upcoming movie, So Connected, is significant for both of them.

For one, this is their first time to work together.

For his part, Jameson explains that he has always been vocal in his past interviews that Janella is her dream leading lady.

“Before, people would always ask me, ‘If you would work with a leading lady, who would you choose?’ I’m like, ‘Maybe Janella, I think maybe we’d be a good match for a movie.’

“I’m like, ‘Someday baka may movie kami ni Janella. Maybe it would come true.’ I actually dreamt about it,” the Hashtags member recounts.

“I never really expected it would come true,” he enthuses about his granted wish.

The budding actor also points out why So Connected is a huge milestone in his showbiz career: What could be better than finally getting your first big role and be paired with your dream leading lady?

“Ito so far ang pinakamalaking role ko as a bida sa mainstream. Kasi nag-indie [movie] ako, so ito mainstream na ito. It’s like a big step in my life.

“It’s really special for me. Kasi I always wanted to work with Janella. and I’m happy it actually came true,” he says with excitement.

Though it is their first team-up, Jameson is happy to hear that the staff and crew of the production team is optimismic that his onscreen partnership with Janella shows a lot of promise.

“They believe that we could actually pull off the movie. It’s a great experience,” he beams.

“They really like the movie,” referring to the production team.

Meanwhile, the team up is a breath of fresh air for Janella. She only has good words for Jameson.

“He’s very nice, actually. I have no problem working with him at all because sobrang light lang ng aura niya, sobrang good vibes lang, and masaya siya to work with,” she commends.

Coming from a solid love team in the previous Regal Entertainment movie, Janella admits that she had to adjust in working with a new leading man in the person of Jameson.

However, she welcomes this change because this will only help her to a better actress.

“Syempre, may adjustment. Medyo after a few projects with the same leading man, di ako sanay na bago, pero it’s always nice to try something new. I think it’s good growth din as an actress,” she articulates.

Janella’s role in the movie is Trisha, a self-supporting young woman, who hopes to help her family.

Popularly known for portraying teeny bopper roles, Janella finally gets the chance to portray an out-of-the-box character.

“Nag-enjoy ako dito sa role na ‘to kasi nga it’s something different for me, kasi halos lahat ng roles na ginawa ko before maarte o kaya younger.

“Ito, hindi lang mature. Mas jologs talaga yung character ko. Sobrang jologs niya,” she giggles.

“And it’s so fun to do it kasi in real life, may makulit side din talaga ako. So nalabas ko sa character na ito.”

Jameson, on the other hand, portrays Karter, a video editor for a web channel who finds himself falling for a complete stranger (Trisha) after he gets a glimpse of her life in videos and photos uploaded in the online world.

Just like Janella, Jameson also feels connected to his role.

“May mga similarities kami; I’m shy and quiet minsan. I just want to be on the computer a lot. I’m just like him; his attitude and the way how he approaches different kinds of situation. I didn’t have much adjustments to it,” describes the actor.

So Connected, which is produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc. and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana will be showing in cinemas on May 23.

The film also stars Ruby Rodriguez, Rolando Inocencio, Cherise Castro, Krystal Brimner, Paulo Angeles, VJ Mendoza, Chai Fonacier, Rafael Sudayan and is directed by the highly-respected Jason Paul Laxamana.

For more updates, follow Regal Entertainment Inc on Facebook, @RegalFilms on Twitter, @RegalFilms50 on IG and Regal Cinema channel on Youtube.



A restoration of the 1982 French-Filipino film Cinq et la peau (Five and the Skin) starring Gloria Diaz, Bembol Roco, Philip Salvador and Joel Lamangan will be screened at Cannes Classics in the 71st Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2018. The whole film was entirely shot in the Philippines and was featured in the Cannes’ Un Certain Regard 36 years ago.

Five and the Skin tells the story of Ivan, a writer who returns to Manila aimlessly wandering from one encounter to another in the metropolis in search of himself.

 The film’s director, Pierre Rissien, whom they call the Man of Cannes passed away last May 5, 2018 days beforewhere he was supposed to introduce the film during Cannes Directors’ Fortnight. He is a Cannes Adviser, an influential Cinephile and Cannes Film Scout before he died.

Rissien was also a known supporter of Philippine Cinema and is responsible for a number of Filipino films making it to Festival de Cannes, including Lino Brocka’s Insiang. He also visited the Philippines to attend several of FDCP’s events, the last event being the World Premiere Film Festival in 2016.


How a “beautiful mess” led to the creation of the Citizen Jake poster

Citizen Jake Poster_2MB

Creating a poster is one of the most challenging parts of moviemaking. After all, the poster sums up the story and is considered the symbol of the film long after the screenings. More than a marketing tool, the poster is likened to a precious artwork.

Mike de Leon and his team purposely took their time before coming up with the poster that would encompass the real spirit and message of “Citizen Jake,” the director’s latest film. After much discussion and deliberation with artist Tom Estrera (who is also the movie’s editor), Direk Mike chose a rough black-and-white sketch in ink and paper to be the design of the poster.

The said image shows a profile of the main character Jake Herrera with a camera in hand and a duffel bag on the shoulder. It shows Jake in work mode capturing the world around him as events happen, as any sensible journalist would. Although one cannot see Jake’s face, the subject looks transfixed at the image captured on the lens.

There is a story behind the drawing, specifically the noticeable splashy effects on the middle to lower right portions. Actually, the blur was completely unintentional. Tom reveals, “I placed the artwork out under the sun to let it dry quicky. After a few minutes, it started drizzling.”

Tom had momentarily forgotten about the drawing and by the time he came to retrieve it, there was that huge spatter effect that kind of ruined everything. “(But) It was a beautiful mess for me,” says the artist.

For Direk Mike, the “final” drawing was nothing short of perfect. He describes it this way, “It is a feel of something rough, unpredictable, unfinished, perhaps even damaged that is the story of ‘Citizen Jake.’ Tom got it right for me.”

“Citizen Jake” is a family drama-thriller that tells the story of Jake Herrera, a journalist and an estranged son of a powerful Philippine Senator. Jake is investigating the death of a young female student. The pursuit of justice leads Jake to encounter the ills of Philippine society and test his personal values and convictions.

Directed, produced, and written by Mike de Leon, the screenplay is also credited to Atom Araullo and Noel Pascual. Cast includes Cherie Gil, Dina Bonnevie, Adrian Alandy, Gabby Eigenmann, Max Collins, Teroy Guzman, Nonie Buencamino, Lou Veloso, Richard Quan, Allan Paule, Anna Luna, Victor Neri, Raquel Villavicencio, Nanding Josef, Ruby Ruiz, Elora Españo, Cholo Barretto, and features Atom Araullo as Jake Herrera.

“My 2 Mommies” Palabas na ngayong May 9, 2018 sa mga sinehan. PANUORIN!

My 2 Mommies

Matapos ang matagumpay na pelikula ni Paolo Ballesteros na “Die Beautiful” ay nagkasunod-sunod na ang pelikula ng magaling na aktor na kung saan ay sya ang bida. Ang ilan dito ay ang “Barbi D’ Wonder Beki”, “Trip Ubusan” at “My Amnesia Love.” Hindi na talaga mapigilan ang pagsikat ni Paolo dahil sa pagiging natural nitong umarte lalo na kung ang  kanyang role ay pagiging bading. Ngayong Mayo 2018, sa buwan ng mga “nanay” Handog ng Regal Entertainment, Inc ang kakaibang “Mother’s Day” Presentation nilang pelikula na pinamagatang “My 2 Mommies” na kung saan ay muling pagbibidahan ni Paolo Ballesteros, kasama sina Solenn Heussaff at Ms. Maricel Soriano directed by Eric Quizon. Kakaiba ang istorya ng pelikulang ito dahil tungkol ito sa kwento ni Manu (Paolo), isang discreet gay man na may successful career, eventually ay malalaman ni Manu na mayroon pala siyang secret seven-year-old son na naging bunga ng kanyang kalasingan kasama ang kanyang  best friend  na si Monique (Solenn) na kanyang nabuntis. Medyo komplikado ang istorya dahil   hindi siya out sa kanyang pamilya. Gagampanan ni Ms. Maricel Soriano ang pagiging auntie ni Paolo Ballesteros na malamang ay magiging riot ang relasyon ng dalawa bilang mag-tita. Isang fresh discovery ang anak ni Paolo sa pelikula na si Marcus Cabais na nag-aral pa daw ng French para magpaimpress kay Eric sa audition. Paniguradong ma-ho-hook kayo sa istorya ng bagong pelikulang ito ng Regal Entertainment, Inc, dahil hindi lang pala ang babae ang pwedeng maging ina, pwede rin palang maging ina ang isang beki na katulad ni Manu. Ipapalabas na ngayong May 9, 2018 (Wednesday) ang “My 2 Mommies” sa mga sinehan. Huwag nyong kalimutang panuorin kasama ang inyong ina or ang inyong mga anak.

Filipino teen in Greece conquers self-doubt to win ABS-CBN DZMM’s “Global Pinoy Singing Idol”

A flicker of hope was all it took to inspire a 16-year old student to make a move and let the world hear his voice.

 Anthony Carbonel emerged as the grand winner of the “DZMM Global Pinoy Singing Idol” (GPSI) 2018 held recently at the Gazi Music Hall in Athens. He prevailed over nine other finalists and won a trophy plus USD 1,000 after his astounding rendition of “Writings on the Wall” by Sam Smith.

Before winning the singing tilt, Carbonel dealt with self-doubt but was encouraged by the love and support of his parents. “They inspired and motivated me to go after my dream. They told me not to be afraid and use this experience to grow not only as an artist but also as a person,” he shared.

 Named as first runner-up was Kleoniki Perikleous, who took home a trophy and USD 500, while Eunice Manigbas who bagged a trophy and USD 300 as the second runner-up. Manigbas was also The Filipino Channel’s (TFC) People’s Choice awardee and received $200.

Photo 3

 The winners were chosen by a panel composed of ABS-CBN Integrated News and Current Affairs senior vice president Ging Reyes, ABS-CBN Europe Ltd. Country Manager Luis Bariuan, and DZMM “Usapang de Campanilla” anchor Maresciel Yao.

 Aside from the grand finalists’ performances, international Filipino celebrities Gerald Anderson and Morissette Amon also entertained the audience at the event. DZMM “Showbuzz” radio host Ahwel Paz and William de Leon emceed the program.

 “GPSI” is annually organized by ABS-CBN Corporation, the largest and leading Filipino-owned media and entertainment company, through DZMM, its official AM radio arm in Mega Manila, with the cooperation of The Filipino Channel (TFC), the flagship brand of the Corporation’s subsidiary, ABS-CBN Global.

 “Our ‘GPSI’ is now on its 8th year. The idea behind ‘Global Pinoy Singing Idol’ was to bring overseas Filipino communities together, encourage them to find the most talented among them, and help open up opportunities for them to reach their full potential. This continues to be part of our commitment to serve our Kapamilyas overseas,” said Ging Reyes, ABS-CBN Integrated News and Current Affairs head.

 She further adds, “I am proud to have served as judge in some of these competitions and to have interacted with many of our kababayans (countrymen) overseas.”

 The competition has placed the spotlight on the world-class talent of overseas Filipinos (OFs) in different countries around the globe like in Austria, United Arab Emirates, United States, and Kuwait.

 “TFC is delighted that DZMM has partnered with us for their ‘Global Pinoy Singing Idol’. This synergy recognizes world-class talent of Overseas Filipinos in Europe. It also keeps the TFC brand alive through physical experience in events such as this,” said Luis Bariuan, Country Manager for Europe, ABS-CBN Europe Ltd.

 The competition paved the way to Austria winners Bernardite Steiger and Louise Auman to compete in Manila for the semi-finals of the Global Tawag ng Tanghalan sa “It’s Showtime” last December 2017.