Torque Mobile Launches EGO Series Boost Edition Smartphones With Elisse Joson As The New Endorser

Torque Mobile, the leading maker of Android-based tablets in the Philippines, last October 13, 2016, Thursday, announced the Torque EGO series Boost Edition, a breakthrough line-up of noteworthy devices that allows users to easily take their phone usage to the next level and truly embrace the age of the smartphone.

img_0066Almost a decade after the invention of the modern smartphone, major features, perks and conveniences can now be made available at the entry-level, further whittling down at any excuses one might have against ditching an old phone in favor of a full-fledged smartphone.
“Much like the human ego, we view the non-ubiquitous smartphone as something that is here to stay,“ said Chris Uyco, CEO and chief innovator at Torque Mobile. “The long-term vision for the Torque EGO series is for it to be treated much like a person’s pride, identity, or self-esteem. Something that will always be around, being shaped by personal decisions and circumstances, and needing the occasional boost every once in a while.”


The ex-Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity housemate Elisse Joson attended the launching of Torque Mobile EGO Series Boost Edition. She is the new endorser and ambassador of these new models of Torque, she said, “I use phone a lot, almost every day, every hour, surfing stuff online. I do love taking selfies and post it on my social media accounts. I’m using the EGO ZOOM. I actually love this new model of Torque Mobile phones and I’ve never seen one that has flash in the front beside the camera. I know for sure that this new model of Torque can compete with other international brands that are highly expensive than these phones in spite of its cheap price, and also I want to use the local brands like this (dapat tangkilikin ang sariling atin). ”


The entire Torque GO series smartphone line-up, including the Torque EGO tablets, will be available now, with prices ranging from 999 pesos to 3,499 pesos. For more information, you can visit the nearest Torque concept store or kiosk, check out the Torque homepage, or follow any Torque’s social media pages.


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