James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s love journey reach new heights in JadINe Love World Tour in Middle East and Europe

The real and real-life adventure of the breakout love team continues with Jadine Flying High on Love Special; Asian leg of their worldwide concert series in the offing

April 9, 2016 – Much has been written about the real and reel-life romance of James Reid and Nadine Lustre but no words can capture the phenomenon that their love team, best known as JaDine, has spurred from movie, television, and recently via the concert stage at The Filipino Channel’s (TFC) JadINe Love World Tour in the Middle East and Europe on March 18 and 19 in Qatar and Dubai and March 26 and 27 in London and Milan.

As soon as the lights went on, the music started playing and the love team started to come out one after the other, the walls of the Doha Convention Center, Al Nasr Leisureland, ExCel London and Palasesto Milan reverberated with delightful screams, sing-alongs and calls for encore from overseas Filipino fans, including some who came all the way from Rome, Austria, Germany, Spain, Norway and the U.S. and that also included a few foreign nationals.

The approval from the fans did not come with just the ‘kilig factor.  James, a singer-musician himself proved that he is definitely more than good looks as he serenaded his lady love with worldwide ballad hits.

Nadine on the other hand is also a singer herself, and a graceful dancer too.  Having recently won countless awards at the Myx Music Awards 2016, Nadine has proven her worth as a well-rounded artist much to the amazement of fans.  In the four-city tour,Nadine sang various hits from her own album and various female artists’.

Together on stage, the two were a delight to watch as they performed their most famous duets such as “Bahala Na,” classics such as “It Might Be You” and contemporary hits such as “Marvin Gaye” by Charlie Puth.

The famous couple continued to play beautiful music together figuratively and literally as they did an interpretative dance toJuan Miguel Severo’s poignant poetry, one of the most memorable parts of their teleserye “On the Wings of Love” or OTWOL to most.

While the couple was not necessarily seeking their parents’ approval at this point, the duo seemed to have earned the veritable yes when James’ mom Maria Aprilyn “Ella” Marquinezcame to support Nadine and her son’s concert.  For the United Kingdom (UK) leg, it was one for the books.

Highlighting the show was the “On the Wings of Love” segment where Rockoustic Princess Yeng Constantino reached the high notes to deliver one of the famous Filipino remake of a world hit that has been interpreted over and over again because of its timeless theme – On The Wings of Love.

Constantino shared an interesting story during the tour.  Like a big sister, she acted as mentor to Nadine who like Yeng is also a singer.  Yeng said: “In every tour, there is a new tip that I share with Nadine.”  Together, they performed Original Pilipino Music (OPM) hits both Yeng’s and of other OPM artists’ such as “Turete by Moonstar 88.

Meantime, performing more of the hits from one of the most successful teleseryes of all time is King of R & B JayR.  “Ang Probinsyano’s” Tart ‘Doris’ Carlos headlined the pre-show event.

Their Manila concert may have witnessed how the two became real-life partners, but in the four cities, JaDine treated the fans with their own kilig moments.

While thanking James for their years as friends first and then partners, Nadine quipped, “Thank you for making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.” The crowd went wild when James replied “That is because you are.”

James and Nadine did not only entertain and thrill the crowd but also spread the love that’s been overflowing from both James and Nadine and as well as also from fan love.

Sharing the Love

What touched OFs in London most was when the breakout love team personally visited the nurses at the Maple wing of the Ashford & St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation to pay tribute to their hard work and devotion to their families.

All these adventures and more will be captured in a travelogue dubbed “JaDine Flying High on Love Special” airing tomorrow, April 10.  Catch the much-anticipated special on TFC’s various platforms worldwide: internet protocol television (IPTV), satellite (live in the Middle East and Europe), cable, and online via TFC’s official online service TFC.tv

For more information, visit emea.kapamilya.com

For Filipinos in the Asia Pacific, watch out for details to the JaDine Love World Tour in Singapore atfacebook.com/TFCSingapore


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